Swingland Class Cards

Buy in advance and save money

Our pre-paid Class Cards are really convenient and can offer valuable savings on the usual admission price at our classes and events.

Class Cards also make an excellent gift for keen dancers or would-be dancers!

How do Class Cards work?

Class Cards come loaded with 5 vouchers which may be used for admission at any of Swingland's regular classes and events*

Show your card at the door to use a voucher for admission. Vouchers are valid for up to 12 months and can be used ad hoc - they do not need to be used on consecutive weeks.

You can check how many vouchers you have left on your card at any time on our website (requires registration), or by asking at the door. When you run out of vouchers on your card you can top up on our website or at the door.

How do I buy a Class Card?

You can buy Class Cards at the door (cash or debit/credit card) or on-line here.

The cost per card is £60 (saving up to 20% on door prices).

NB One card per person.


We offer considerable savings on the door for NUS/Equity card holders so Class Cards might not be cost effective if you take advantage of those.

*on special occasions, eg live band nights when the door price is higher, there is usually a small supplement if a Class Card is used - please see the specific event details.

Buy a Class Card

Coming soon... for now please buy on the door, or contact us

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