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Frequently Asked Questions

What to wear?

Drop-in classes and courses

Please wear what you will feel comfortable dancing in - but bear in mind that most of our drop-in classes and courses are held in bars, clubs and pubs so please wear something appropriate for an evening in that type of venue. We recommend loose clothing with plenty of room to move and flat shoes rather than heels. For the classes at our regular club nights (C Jam and A-Train), an effort is always appreciated but jeans, t-shirts etc. are absolutely fine - if you like to dress retro or vintage that is great and there are some people that do so regularly so you certainly won't feel out of place - but most people don't unless it is a special night.


For workshops we suggest loose, comfortable clothing and flat shoes. For beginners, plimsoles, trainers or ordinary everyday flat shoes are fine but make sure you can twist and turn (pivot) in them - you don't want anything that sticks to the floor. Shoes should be clean and non-marking. For airsteps workshops follows should bring a long-sleeved top. As you are dancing with partners, shorts and vest-tops are not appropriate.

Weekend dances

At our weekend dances people generally make more of an effort to dress smartly. Unless specifically stated, vintage or retro attire is not necessary (and in any case, smart modern is always an option) - but a touch of vintage glamour/sparkle is always appreciated! Gentlemen will usually wear a shirt rather than t-shirt, and many will wear a jacket and/or tie. Ladies a dress or skirt/trousers and a top and shoes with a small heel or smart flats.

Do I need a partner?

No - but you may come with a partner and you may stay with them in class if you wish (most people do rotate partners as you learn quicker that way, and it's very sociable - but it's up to you).


All restrictions have now been removed. You can see our most recent update here.