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Why Swingland?

With a number of different classes in swing, Lindy hop and jive to choose from, we believe we offer the best quality teaching, the best value for money and the most fun learning and dancing - here's why :-

Professional teaching

The main class at a Swingland night is always taught by one or more professional swing dance instructors - assisted by dancers with many years' experience.

Practice/dancing time

What's the point of learning to dance if you don't have anywhere to practise or enjoy your new-found skills?! Most of our nights include at least an hour, usually two, of dancing time. This is essential in honing the steps and it's great fun. What's more, the dance party is included in the price - so you get a whole evening's entertainment for what is often charged for just an hour's class! These nights are backed up with more intense workshops focussing on specifics of the dance to help you reach the next level.

Fun and Friendly atmosphere!

Our nights are friendly and sociable. We encourage everyone to get to know each other, starting with the classes where we rotate partners to break the ice and to help you learn at a much faster pace than you would sticking to one partner (we know this beyond all doubt from many years of experience!). Our teachers are friendly and approachable and are there to help you! Any questions, however silly they may seem, just ask! The teaching doesn't stop with the classes - ask us during the practice time, we will help and if we're busy, we'll come back to you.

The best real swing music - past and present

Our DJs are swing music - and importantly dance - enthusiasts. We know what works for Lindy hop and we always play for the crowd. Got a request - just ask! We also feature regular live bands at some of our nights - we only use the best, truly swinging bands - don't miss 'em!

If you have any questions about swing dancing, our approach or anything else that you can't find on our website please don't hesitate to contact us! We hope to see you soon!

In line with official government advice re COVID-19 (Coronavirus) all our classes and dancing are now closed until further notice. Stay safe, look after your families, friends & neighbours - and see you on the other side.

Thursday 16 July

A-Train - classes and dancing

Classes and dancing at West London's Premier Swing Dance Night! Every Thursday

7.45pm Beginners Lindy hop class

8.45pm Dancing/practice

9.15pm Intermediates Lindy hop class

9.15pm Beginners follow-up/improvers class

10.00pm Music and dancing

Sunday 19 July

Swingland Twickenham - class and dancing

Learn to swing dance in Twickenham, Middx - every Sunday

Monday 20 July

No Brixton classes for now

Brixton classes (Mondays) are closing during the Covid-19 outbreak - back as soon as possible!  Currently all our other regular weekly classes and dancing are running.

Tuesday 21 July

C Jam - classes and dancing

Classes and dancing at South London's Premier - and longest running - Swing Dance Night! Every Tuesday
This Tuesday come and learn the Big Apple - classic jazz routine. I figure we'll need something non-contact that takes a decent amount of weeks to teach so Big Apple it is. Come and have some fun!
Beginners swing class first with no need to rotate partners unless you want to, then Big Apple.
See you at The Bedford!

Wednesday 22 July

Swingland Windsor - classes

Learn to swing dance in Windsor, Berkshire - every Wednesday

Thursday 23 July

A-Train - classes and dancing

Classes and dancing at West London's Premier Swing Dance Night! Every Thursday

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