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Our workshops are designed to progress and improve your dancing with in-depth technique and styling points. The numbers are limited so that we can give more individual attention than in our regular group classes. Often as you are learning you will reach a plateau - for example moving from beginners to intermediates classes - and this is where a workshop can really help move you to the next level!

Workshops in the diary

Shown below are workshop dates for the next few months.

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Level: Open level

1 Sep - One-day workshop - authentic jazz dance

The Exhibit, 12 Balham Station Rd, London SW12 9SG

The Tranky Doo is a playful and stylish solo jazz routine from the '40s. It's a really fun routine to learn and to break out at social dances!

If you're confident with some of the basic solo jazz dance moves, or know the Shim Sham and want to try something a little more challenging, learning this routine is a great next step.

You will expand your repertoire of jazz moves, strengthen your solo dancing technique and improve your styling. All of which will give you an extra dimension to your partner dancing as well. Improver dancers and Intermediate dancers will all get something out of this workshop.

With Martin Ellis

Details and booking

Monday 20 August

Swingland Brixton

Learn to swing dance in Brixton - every Monday

Tuesday 21 August

C Jam

Classes and dancing at South London's renowned - and longest running - Swing Dance Night! Every Tuesday except 2nd in the month

Thursday 23 August


Classes and dancing at West London`s Premier Swing Dance Night! Every Thursday

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