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Windsor Lindy hop

Swingland Windsor is Swingland's Lindy hop dance club at The Old Court Artspace [formerly known as "The Firestation"] in Windsor, Berkshire, with dance classes every Wednesday and occasional Friday night dance parties.

Classes take place on the ground floor in the Auditorium

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Monday 28 May

Swingland Brixton

Learn to swing dance in Brixton - every Monday

Tuesday 29 May

C Jam

Classes and dancing at South London's renowned - and longest running - Swing Dance Night! Every Tuesday

Wednesday 30 May

Swingland Windsor

Learn to swing dance in Windsor, Berkshire - every Wednesday

Thursday 31 May


Classes and dancing at West London`s Premier Swing Dance Night! Every Thursday

Sunday 3 June

Swingland Twickenham

Learn to swing dance in Twickenham, Middx - every Sunday

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