Swing out!

Monday 20 November

Swing Station

Learn to Lindy hop in Windsor, Berkshire

8.00pm Beginners/improvers Lindy hop class

9.00pm Social dancing/practice

Swing Kitchen

Learn to Lindy hop in Brixton

7.00pm Beginners Lindy hop class

8.15pm Improvers Lindy hop class

Tuesday 21 November

C Jam

Classes and dancing at South London's renowned - and longest running - Swing Dance Night!

Thursday 23 November


Classes and dancing at West London`s Premier Swing Dance Night!

Saturday 25 November

Half-day workshop (11am-1pm) - Improve your Swing out (improvers)

A half-day workshop dedicated to IMPROVING your Lindy hop Swing out!! (ie you need to know the Swing out but want to make it better).

Sunday 26 November

Swingin' Sundays

Learn to Lindy hop in Twickenham, Middx

Elysian Den - live band night!

NEW! Monthly Sunday night swing dance with beginners class and 2 hours of dancing to top vintage DJs and occasional live band. Live band tonight - The Smokey Taps!

Monday 27 November

Swing Station

Learn to Lindy hop in Windsor, Berkshire

Swing Kitchen

Learn to Lindy hop in Brixton

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C Jam
Friday Night Swing
Swing Balls/Festivals

Welcome to Swingland

Learn to Lindy hop and swing dance!

Classes and events in and around London

JUMPIN'! Vintage Dance Party - Friday 17th November 2017 - top swing DJs, swing dance class, dancing til late! Just turn up
Elysian Den - Sunday 26th November 2017 - live music from the Smokey Taps, top swing DJs, swing dance class! Just turn up
The Winter Swing Ball - Saturday 16th December 2017 - live music from Palace Avenue Swing, top swing DJs, swing dance class, Cabaret show, dancing til late! BOOK NOW
C Jam XMAS Party - Tuesday 19th December 2017 - live music from Graham Hughes & The Sunshine Kings, top swing DJs, swing dance classes as usual! Just turn up

Lindy hop (also known as Jitterbug or Jive) is the original style of swing dancing - from the dance halls of 1920s and 30s Harlem to the worldwide swing craze of the 1940s and the rock'n'roll of the 1950s. Over the last 20-30 years swing dancing has been enjoying a renaissance - and London is one of the major cities driving this revival!

Established in 1998, Swingland is a leading and well-respected swing dancing school and swing dance and music promoter based in the London area.

We teach Lindy hop and related dances, including East Coast ("6-count") Swing, Charleston and authentic Jazz dance.

We provide weekly swing dance classes, events and live music nights, dance parties; choreography, private lessons, demos and performances; glamorous Swing Balls and more!

Classes & workshops

- regular weekly classes and workshops where you can learn and practise in a fun and friendly environment.

If you're new to our website or are thinking of taking up swing dancing for the first time, we hope you'll find everything you need here. You can start any of our drop-in classes at any time - you don't need to book or commit to turning up every week - just turn up as and when you can. You don't need a partner either - plenty of people turn up on their own or with friends - and we rotate people in the classes as it's the best way to learn. If you have any questions please do contact us - we'll be glad to help - and we look forward to seeing you soon!

Clubs/events/dance parties

- after the classes, our club nights feature dancing to top swing DJs and regular live bands. Swingland is the team behind renowned London Lindy hop clubs C Jam and A-Train. We also run monthly social dance parties (This Joint Is Jumpin' and Elysian Den) - as well as supporting larger annual events including 1920s/30s/40s Vintage dances such as the glamorous and very grand Savoy Ball and Festivals such as South London SwingFest.


- Swingland is run by Martin Ellis who also choreographs and trains a fantastic Lindy hop performance company, Fireflies. Martin and the Swingland team are available for private/group classes (eg wedding "first dance"), demos, performances (eg corporate events) and for video, film and TV work.

Swingland is very much dedicated to the original "Savoy" style of Lindy hop, from the ballrooms of 1930s Harlem and we pride ourselves on teaching great technique throughout our classes, believing this to be the key to becoming an accomplished swing dancer.

Swing dancing can be cool and laid-back or fast and high-energy. It's a great way to get - and stay - fit, and meet people from all walks of life. It's also highly addictive - mostly because it's so much fun!

So get "hep to the jive" - and get the swing thing with Swingland!

New to swing dancing?

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