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Necessary Cookies

These are required to make our website usable. By viewing and navigating our website you agree to the use of these.

Google Maps

We use Google Maps to help you find us.

Embedded videos

We use Vimeo and Youtube to show you swing dancing and what we do.

Shopping Cart

We use cookies to facilitate our on-line booking system. These are automatically deleted if you close your browser or are inactive for some time. If you choose to order on-line you accept the use of these cookies.

Class Cards

Our class cards can be managed on-line (checking the number of vouchers you have left and topping up) but this is entirely optional. If you choose to create an account cookies are used for security to track if you are logged in.

Optional Cookies

You may opt out of these by clicking the "Reject" button on our cookie message. If you have previously clicked "Accept" and wish to change your choice, simply delete your browser cookies (see your browser's help pages) and re-visit our website to see the options again.


We use Facebook "pixels" to help spread our love of all things swing via Social Media, to those who might be most interested.


We use Google "tags" to analyse web and search traffic, and to help optimise our website.

Collection of personal information

We hold very little personal data - only that required to run the Swingland business and to contact you with your prior consent. No personal data you send us will be disclosed to any third party without your permission unless required by law.

Contacting us

If you contact us your personal information will only be used for us to contact you in relation to your query.

Swingland Newsletter

To join our mailing list we only need your e-mail address. Your name is optional. You may unsubscribe at any time, in which case your details will be deleted completely.

Shopping Cart

We store your name and e-mail address alongside any orders you place. We do not store any financial information - this information is managed instead by our on-line payment processor (currently PayPal).

Class Cards - on-line management

Our class cards can be managed on-line (checking the number of vouchers you have left and topping up) but this is entirely optional - everything can be done at the door to our classes and events. To manage your class card on-line you first create an account. All that is required is a valid e-mail address but you may enter more information which is entirely under your control and is secured by an encrypted password of your choice. If you have an existing class card you can manage your profile at New class cards will be available from early 2022.

Deleting personal information

If you wish us to remove any personal details we hold about you, please contact us.

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