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About Swing

"Swing" describes both a genre and a way of playing music, as well as a group of dance styles generally danced to that music.

At Swingland we concentrate primarily on the swing dance styles from the 1920s to 1950s; from Charleston to rock 'n' roll, but especially Lindy hop.


The 1920s craze

Lindy hop has many of its roots in the Charleston dance craze of the 1920s.

Many steps characteristic of Lindy hop are clearly derived from the earlier dance. With the move from hot jazz to swing music, dancers changed from a choppy, up-and-down style to a more fluid, horizontal style with a gentle bounce, so the steps look very different to the original Charleston. When people refer to Charleston in Lindy hop they generally mean partnered Lindy hop Charleston, but there has recently been increasing interest in learning the original Charleston - both partnered and non-partnered ("solo").

We teach Lindy hop Charleston as an essential and intrinsic part of our Lindy hop classes.

We also regularly teach solo Charleston, and occasionally the earlier partnered style - look out for special classes and workshops.